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First Aid: Some Principles and Actions for Resolving Team Conflicts

  • Workshop
  • Level up your technical communication
  • 21. September
  • 09:00 - 10:30 AM (CET)
  • Aluminium
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  •  Mathias Maul

    Mathias Maul

    • MAULCO.


Productivity, communication and emotions are different facets of the same thing. Resolving emotional issues with individual team members and within the team as a whole is the most sustainable way to effect positive change. Based on 20+ years of experience in communications coaching, I present some general principles and concrete actions steps to help you level up team communication with your own teams and your customers’.


Participants learn principles and hands-on action steps to improve team communication and, in consequence, productivity. We’ll talk though at least one of the participants’ issues during the workshops and take steps to resolve it.


 Mathias Maul

Mathias Maul


Mathias Maul is half linguist, half computer scientist and half brain debugger. After spending many years as software engineer, marketer and psychotherapist, he specialises in strategy consulting and communication coaching for technical teams. He teaches coaching and marketing at universities in Hamburg and Düsseldorf. Since 2017, he speaks at tekom/tcworld events and is published in tcworld magazine and technische kommunikation.