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How AI Will Revolutionize Technical Communication

  • Keynote
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machines and Robots
  • 20. September
  • 09:15 - 10:00 AM (CET)
  • Scandium
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  •  Scott DeLoach

    Scott DeLoach

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GPT-4 and other large language models (LLMs) have the potential to revolutionize technical communication. However, there are several challenges we must overcome and concepts we must learn to harness their full power. In this session, I wil provide an overview of current AI tools and core concepts/technologies, and we will explore real-world examples of how AI can dramatically influence how we create technical content and how people will access an


* What are the challenges to using AI to create technical documents?
* What does AI offer technical communicators and the products we create?
* Should I worry about my job?
* How can I keep up with advances in AI?

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 Scott DeLoach

Scott DeLoach

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Scott DeLoach has 30 years experience as a technical writer, instructional designer, trainer, and UX architect, and he has provided consulting and training for over 150 companies and government agencies. Scott is a frequent speaker at technical content and user assistance conferences around the world. He holds a master's degree in Technical and Scientific Communication from Miami University (Ohio), and he is an STC Fellow.