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The Future of CCMSs: A Re-evaluation

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  • Intelligent Content Creation and Delivery
  • 21. September
  • 14:15 - 15:00 PM (CET)
  • Titanium
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  •  Sebastian Göttel

    Sebastian Göttel

    • Quanos Content Solutions GmbH


The recent years have been tumultuous, challenging many beliefs. While CCMSs have remained reliable, it's time to consider the possibility of change. Latest trends such as content delivery, ontologies, and the cloud won't drive the evolution of software for technical writers. The challenges ahead require fresh perspective. Rethinking our assumptions about CCMSs uncovers new and exciting possibilities.


Food for thought: Taking into account megatrends such as online first, knowledge graph, AI, etc. CCMS and technical documentation need new answers..


 Sebastian Göttel

Sebastian Göttel

  • Quanos Content Solutions GmbH

Head of Marketing & Product Management at Quanos Content Solutions GmbH, at home in the world of XML, component content management and content delivery. The computer scientist has been working for the Quanos Group in the area of CCMS since 1998. He contributed to version 1.0 of the iiRDS standard as a founding member of the "Information 4.0" working group.