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Dominique Trouche

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Dominique, CEO of WhP since 2005, has a rich background managing multinational operations across Europe, the US, and South America. With a degree from the Ecole Centrale de Paris, he brings a wealth of experience to his role. Specializing in XML technical documentation, DITA, and eLearning, he heads Consulting and Innovation at WhP, where he aids companies in connecting with their global audience through localization. Beyond his corporate role, Dominique shares his expertise through lectures, training sessions, and workshops, actively contributing to industry knowledge dissemination. Additionally, he is the founder of DITA Molière, leading the association of DITA practitioners in France. Passionate about innovation in localization, Dominique endeavors to merge localization with innovation, positioning WhP as a leader in DITA localization. By designing solutions that integrate DITA and localization, WhP enhances multilingual DITA content for its customers, promoting higher reuse, term consistency, and faster review processes.